Many have had the opportunity to experience Kim and the wisdom she shares. Here is what they are saying:

“Kim is both an extraordinary channel for the beloved Dr. Peebles as well as in possession of a refined sense of intuition herself. Her channelings of Dr. Peebles are clear and authentic, she has clearly worked hard and with great dedication to her gift in order to bring it to her clients. The advice she gives in her own readings is down to earth, firm yet loving. I feel fortunate to have her as a trusted advisor and am grateful for her talent and for the opportunity to speak to Dr. Peebles through a remarkably gifted and disciplined channel.”
A. Clark
Healing Practitioner

“I met Kim about two years ago and was immediately attracted to her calming nature and natural intuitiveness.  Kim’s ability is second to none.  I never knew I even had spirit guides around me until Kim introduced them to me.  When it comes to spiritual counseling and general accuracy about things happening in my life, no one has ever matched the intuitiveness Kim shares with me.  I was a bit taken back at first, but after considering and digesting all of the information Kim gave me, I came to understand what direction I was supposed to be moving in both my personal and professional life.  In fact, Kim uncovered something about me I was not even aware of and now that I have opened myself up to those suggestions, I find my life is more fulfilling.  I am truly grateful that the Universe brought Kim’s knowledge, wisdom and teachings into my life.  Whenever I find that someone is interested in Spirit, I immediately tell them about Kim.  I truly believe there is not anyone more gifted than her.  You just have to see her once to know exactly what I am talking about.”

RJS, Scottsdale AZ 

I’d been to various psychics and mediums over time, but a chance conversation led me to Kim. I haven’t seen anyone else since. She is uncannily accurate about what is going on in my life and physical health. Her advice is dispensed with compassion, common sense and humor. Many so-called spiritual advisors take themselves far too seriously. Kim takes her abilities seriously, but not herself, if that makes sense. She is also a superb channeler of the entity Dr. Peebles and those sessions have been incredible experiences for anyone who has participated. I’m proud to know Kim as a person I turn to for advice, but more importantly, as a friend.”

TL  Scottsdale, Ariz.

“Kim is warm, funny, caring and amazingly intuitive. A very gifted and capable medium and channel, she has never failed to help me when I needed it. Some people have to work hard at picking up on the subtler things while others have a natural-born ability. Kim is definitely one of the latter and is able to perform amazing feats of spirit communication while simultaneously making you feel comfortable and making it look easy to boot! A truly special person….
DL    Phoenix, AZ

“Growth,  growth , growth is what I am experiencing in my life.  I always remember the day I was led to your website.  That day changed my life entirely.  That day I will always remember. I thank you Kim for availing yourself to help those who seek to understand life like me. May the universe bless you.  I am speaking from the bottom of my heart”. 

SM  Geneva, Switzerland

“What a privilege it is to know Dr. Peebles through Kim Dumaine.  Both of them have forever changed my life with their insights, specific knowledge, and gentle guidance.  They have helped me with questions that have forever plagued me and move confidently towards my soul’s calling.  Life with them on my “team” truly is a blessing.”

M.R.  Scottsdale, AZ

“I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Kim. I was quite surprised when she accurately described my current circumstances within the first few minutes of meeting me. I immediately scheduled an appointment and I continue to refer back to those notes over a year later because the information is still pertinent. She shared information with me that I was completely unaware of and found it to be true after doing the appropriate research. I feel more confident in making my major life decisions when I consult with Kim. I find that this “peace” of mind is priceless and saves me countless hours of unnecessary worry.”

Dr. Sonja Pettersen.
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Scottsdale, Arizona

I’ve had readings from Kim over the last 15 years. I live out of state, so all of my readings have been done over the phone. I’ve recommended Kim to my friends and family and readings from her are a frequent gift for birthdays and special life events. The best thing about Kim’s readings is that she is equally skilled and comfortable advising you about your life purpose and soul’s mission as she is about helping you decide if it’s time to buy a new car. She is funny and extremely caring. She manages to help you keep your life on track and in perspective in the worst of times: She has counseled me through divorce, death in my family, job loss and dark nights of the soul. I always know that I will feel uplifted and lighter after talking to Kim. I always understand the path I’m on much better and get a dose of the light up ahead. She can help you understand the benefits and soul growth in anything that is happening to you. Kim is a wonderful spiritual counselor; she never fails to help me see the big picture and my higher purpose in every situation. I’ve had the opportunity to consult with a variety of intuitives and spiritual counselors and Kim is the gold standard, the baseline that I compare everyone else to – and she is simply the best.”

St. Louis, Missouri

“I have worked with Kim consistently for the last 6 years and cannot begin to express how wonderful she has been in helping me with a variety of issues, from career development, house hunting, relationship issues, pet communication to personal growth issues. We were introduced by a mutual friend and I immediately felt a connection with Kim. She is honest, open, insightful, gifted and truly cares about those she works with. I feel that my work as a healer has really moved in the right direction in great part due to Kim’s guidance. My sessions with her are always interesting – and extremely accurate! I feel she can really connect with me and delve into parts of my life that need clarification. She is a caring and compassionate person in addition to being a very talented clairvoyant. I always suggest her to my friends and clients who feel they need some additional guidance in their lives. Her gifts are amazing and my referrals are always thankful for the recommendation.”

Karin Carlson-Morgan
Healing Practitioner
Seattle, Washington

“Readings with Dr. Peebles and Kim are an authentic heavenly perspective that has allowed me to make better decisions and live a happier Life!”

Faith F. Glendale, AZ

“My husband I have both known Kim over the past five years and have had occasion to work with her many times. She has given each of us feedback on everything from work opportunities, personal relationships, family issues, medium work and pet therapy. Both of us have found her to be very insightful, gentle with us and encouraging in approaching her work with an open mind. Here are just a few examples we wish to share with you:

My first experience with Kim was in seeking advice for a career choice I was struggling with. I found her information to be “dead on correct” in every way about board level management issues that I could never know about and struggles that my future boss’ boss was having. In a round about way, I was able to ask about these issues during the interview process and uncover the truth of these matters. [Of course, more came to light later on.] After lots of strategic query in areas I would never have looked, I was able to see some of the problematic areas Kim alluded to. However, due to Kim’s prediction, I was able to negotiate appropriately and query management on some issues of conflict. Interestingly, this company’s management felt I was very intuitive and they made me an offer of employment which I accepted.

In another session, Kim told me that I would be living in Arizona. I told her that I lived in California and didn’t think that Arizona would be the place for me. Today, I live in Arizona.

Recently, we had some difficulties with one of our pets who woke my husband every night several times a night and I had decided the cat had to go. As a last resort, I decided to do an intervention with Kim as a pet psychic to see if she could help us. Kim did a reading and determined that two things were happening. (1) The cat was terrified of the outdoors and (2) we had a spirit living in home that was following us from house to house. This spirit was a relative that had not crossed over. Now, we knew we had someone in the house, but we didn’t realize the cat was upset as well. Kim gave the cat a “suggestion” that we would always take care of her and she would not have to worry about the outdoors and be frightened any longer – she could sleep peacefully at night. In addition, Kim spoke with the spirit, a grandfather, and asked him to go to the light and taught my husband how to encourage both behaviors should they need reinforcement. Today, our house is quiet at night and we are sleeping through the night.

We have encouraged many friends and family members to meet with Kim and have their own encounter. Each has been very pleased with their experience and outcome.”

Michele & Jim Pharr
Scottsdale, Arizona

“I have worked with Kim Dumaine for the last 10 years. She is one of the most amazing clairvoyants I have ever worked with. Because Kim has dedicated her life to honing her skills, she brings a wide range of experiences and information to bear in her readings. Her readings are always positive and insightful and often provide practical tools for you to use moving forward. She will give honest information that will help you take the steps you need for success and happiness.”

Teri Sahm
Seattle, Washington

I’ve been seeing a traditional therapist for quite some time with limited results for personal challenges with self-worth and fear. I was referred to Kim from a friend who suggested I try something different. I admit I was skeptical at first. But she won me over right away. She knew without hesitation what my problems were and helped me more in one session than six months with the other therapist. What a difference this kind of counseling makes! I now feel that I wasted a good deal of time and money with my previous therapist, hearing myself going on and on without really getting the feedback and help I needed.

Kim has a way of getting to the root of the problem with a no-nonsense, direct approach that was energizing and very effective for me. After my session, I felt very clear and calm about myself and what I needed to do from that point on. You can bet I’ll be back for reinforcements and continued direction. She gives loving and kind counsel, but with such clarity and strength that I felt stronger just from being around her. I would heartily recommend her and I look forward to spending more time with her.”

R. W.
Phoenix, AZ

“I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how in awe I am of you, your clairvoyance, your spirituality and your accuracy. Words can not describe how profoundly you have touched me and my life. I’ve had readings from some well known, and, some not so well known readers. You are by far the VERY BEST! The readings you do for me are amazingly accurate and right on. I will never go anywhere else for a reading or for insight into my life. You’re it!!!!

Thank you SO much!”

Very truly,
Juli J.    South Lyon, Michigan

“My reading with Kim helped me make some critical decisions about how to enrich my life at all levels–spiritual, personal and professional. The information she sourced has proven to be very accurate and went far beyond any generic predictions; it cut to the heart of matters in my present life while helping me understand my relationship to the past and how certain dynamics were replaying in my life, all at the level of cosmic consciousness.

She delivered the reading with great insight, warmth, and respect. I would highly recommend her readings to anyone who wants to fast forward their understanding of their journey on this earth.”

Dave R.,
Enfield, NH

My mother was dying of colon cancer as my marriage was dying from my husband’s mid-life crisis. The pain of separation and loss was brutal. I was terrified of being alone. And because of a snow storm and delayed flights, I was lead directly to Kim.

There’s such a big ceremony around getting married, but there’s nothing in place for getting divorced and untying the lifelong bonds that were promised. Kim has a powerful ceremony, which should be required in every state.”

I had two full days of life centering advice and love. Together, we said goodbye to my pain, to my sorrow, to my left-over love of my X. Together, we felt the love and support from my Mother.

I am ready to start my new life full of joy, confidence, and direction.”

Television Producer


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