Scheduling a session with Kim can be an important part of your spiritual development, providing you with a wonderful opportunity to increase your awareness and understand the power that you possess to change any element in your life. Your path is a chosen one but many are unaware of how your thoughts and choices are controlling what you experience in your life. Without this essential self-awareness, you may find yourself struggling, unable to see your own role as the ultimate creator in the story of your life. With Kim’s unique abilities, she will help bring to your conscious awareness the beliefs and choices that are creating your current life experiences. Understanding that you are totally responsible for everything in your life, although a challenging concept to accept, frees you to make the changes needed to experience success and happiness. Make the decision to allow Kim to help you on your personal path of self-empowerment with her thought-provoking and life-changing sessions.

Many types of sessions are available, depending on your specific needs and can be scheduled at your convenience, by appointment only. You can expect a frank, down-to-earth approach to your questions and concerns, mixed with a healthy dose of good-natured humor and light-heartedness. Kim wants all of her clients to have an incredible learning experience with the sessions and to enjoy them as well. The overall goal is to help you feel uplifted with the knowledge she shares, with new choices, skills, and options to move you forward in life.

The types of consultations currently available are:

Gift certificates are available for any of the above sessions upon request.


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