Trance Channeling Sessions

Private and Group Sessions: What to expect and how to prepare

Private Sessions ($185.00 available by phone)

Participating in a session with Kim & Dr. Peebles allows you to have an exciting experience that you will not likely forget, confirming or challenging many of your core beliefs about life, death, and the existence of a spirit world. You will have the opportunity to face the very real possibility that there is more than this physical world and that there are beings in other dimensions that are willing and able to communicate with us.

Regardless of your personal beliefs, you can expect a very interesting experience.  Kim will go into trance, voluntarily “putting aside” her own personality and temporarily relinquishing partial control to allow Dr. Peebles to project his consciousness and speak through her. The sessions are often considered quite intense, profound in nature, thought-provoking, challenging, and quite entertaining with Dr. Peebles’ delightful sense of humor. There will be no doubt that you are having a conversation with someone not of this world and that the personality of Kim is no longer present. Changes in the voice are evident with a different style of delivery, tone, diction, and timing. The vocabulary is quite distinct compared to Kim’s, with word choices that are unique to the individuality of Dr. Peebles’ history and background. A strong energy is often sensed in the room that is very positive and loving.

Many find this high-energy communication to be very enjoyable and illuminating as Dr. Peebles guides you to a greater understanding of your life and its many lessons and challenges. His unique form of Spiritual Psychology is a journey of deep self-exploration on many levels.  It is not your typical psychic reading, although he shares a good deal of information that could be classified as such. His goal is more to guide you on your path to remember who you are, why you are here at this time and how to fully engage your power to consciously create an amazing future.

As Dr. Peebles comes through Kim initially, there is a blast of energy as he projects into this reality to share with you.  He greets you warmly with his customary opening statement “God bless you, Dr. Peebles here. It is a joy and a blessing when man and spirit join together in search of greater truth and awareness”.  He then launches non-stop into a lively discussion that will keep you riveted at the edge of your seat.  Relax and enjoy.  No need to worry about remembering what transpires or taking copious notes. All the sessions are digitally recorded for your future review which you will be extremely thankful for later for the high-paced and rapid-fire conversation will leave your memory scrambling to hold on to the details.

This will not be a one-way conversation.  Dr. Peebles will actively engage you during the session, inviting your questions and comments as well as making quite certain that you understand the wisdom and information he offers. Therefore, it is strongly suggested, but not necessary, that you prepare beforehand with any questions or areas of concern that you would like to inquire about to make the most of your time with Dr. Peebles.  Keep in mind that if you would like a specific answer, to ask a specific question for best results. You can ask anything but be aware that not all of your questions will be answered in the manner you may wish. Dr. Peebles and his colleagues seem to have an uncanny way of knowing what you are ready to hear and if you are able to handle the information at this point in your soul development.

Dr. Peebles does not work alone in the higher dimensions of light. You will often hear him in conversation say “we”, “our”, and “us” instead of referring only to himself. He is a spokesperson for a larger group of like-minded spirit beings he calls his “band of angels”. There are many instances when he will call upon his colleagues when needed. For example, if he is unable to answer a question, he will say “one moment please” and will ask others for assistance. It helps to know that even in the spirit world, there is no lack of help and resources available.

Your session will last for approximately one hour, depending on the number and complexity of your questions and concerns. Whether you are having an in-person session or a phone session with Dr. Peebles and Kim, arrange your day and time so that you will not be disturbed or distracted. It would be wise to have some time before and after your session for some personal time of reflection so that your mind and spirit can adequately prepare and assimilate the guidance offered.

Once your session is over, when Dr. Peebles departs and Kim “returns” to full waking consciousness, please allow Kim a moment or two to readjust her energies back into the physical dimension once more.  She is often a little hoarse (Dr. Peebles has a full and strong voice), groggy and slightly disoriented for a short time.  Asking her specific questions concerning information shared by Dr. Peebles is often futile for her memory is very limited as to what has just transpired. She will of course be happy to discuss with you any thoughts and comments you may have about the session as well as answer any general questions.

Within twenty-four hours after your session, Kim will email you an audio link to download the digital recording from your time shared with Dr. Peebles. Since this is not a permanent link, it is necessary for you to save the file to your own computer for future retrieval and review. It is highly recommended that you re-listen to the recording as many gain more understanding the second, third and even fourth time they hear the session. Dr. Peebles shares an incredible amount of information in a short time period and clients often find it is difficult to stay focused and digest all the guidance during the actual session. Having that recording is quite the blessing and is often referred to in the future to check your progress and growth.

Follow up sessions are often requested for those questions that are thought of later or that come up as part of your daily life and spiritual growth.  For those who have just one question, groups are available either in-person or through an email/proxy format (please see below).  Call, email or check the website for a listing of upcoming events. Gift certificates are also available for both private sessions as well as groups.

 Dr. Peebles Trance Channeling Groups ($32 per person)

Many clients will start their spiritual growth with Dr. Peebles and Kim in a group format as it provides you with an excellent and inexpensive introduction to this unique form of spiritual communication.  Much can be gained from the group experience for you will have the opportunity to greatly benefit from the questions and answers of other attendees as well as the combined energy of the group. All the groups are often considered very enjoyable as well as educational. Kim offers many types of groups to serve your needs:

  • Email/Proxy Group – questions are sent via email and are then asked to Dr. Peebles by an assistant or proxy for you.  Limited to 10 people, all questions and answers for the entire group are recorded and emailed back to you.  This is a convenient and fascinating way to receive answers to either general or personal questions. ($32.00)
  • Learning with Dr. Peebles – an educational series of lectures on many topics of general interest such as Health and Healing, Relationships, Soul Purpose, Spirit Guides and Teachers, Intuitive Abilities, Spiritual Growth, etc.  Some participants have the opportunity to ask non-personal questions related to the topic. ($32.00)



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