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What to expect from a session with Kim

When you schedule a session with Kim, you are inviting communication with not only Kim, but a host of other interested parties: your spirit guides and teachers, departed friends and loved ones, the angelic realm, and other life forms and energies that may have a need or desire to share their thoughts and love with you. As both a conscious and trance medium, Kim acts as a doorway for communication to occur. With the cooperation and assistance of spirit, valuable information can be provided for your personal and spiritual growth.  Expect a group gathering of friends and loved ones, a unique convergence of energies offering the highest of spiritual understanding and guidance.

Kim strives to be an open and direct channel for spirit and her style certainly reflects this. She is candid, to-the-point, and often will quote the information she is given verbatim.  Her messages are gentle and loving, but hard-hitting, profound, yet simple to grasp (sometimes harder to accept), and timely to what you are currently experiencing. Many clients are amazed at how quickly she can zero-in on your deepest issues and then proceed to offer insightful comments and suggestions as to your optimal course of action in dealing with these issues. You’ll find a healthy dose of humor in her style (yes, spirit teachers do have a sense of humor) as she helps you see that although our lessons are important, we’re more effective when we can approach them with a light heart and a willingness to laugh at it all.

A session typically begins with Kim presenting an overview of your current state of affairs, indicating any particularly pressing issues. She is shown images of you, hears specific messages, as well as feels things about you, all of which she shares at the onset of the session.  Questions are always welcome and encouraged to ensure that you comprehend the messages. Many times Kim senses that there is an etheric “outline” that spirit has compiled for a session, which specifies particular areas that need to be discussed.  Each topic is then addressed thoroughly.  These topics can include health, career, love, family, etc.  If one issue is paramount in a client’s life, a whole session may revolve around that.  Each session is different, depending on the needs of the individual Kim is reading for.  Some sessions focus only on the present time while others may be dealing predominately with issues from the past that have created the current circumstances. The future can also be explored, with an emphasis on probable realities and the many options from which we can choose as part of creating the future.


How long of a session should I book?

There are many factors involved in deciding the length of time your session should be:
Have you ever consulted with an intuitive before? If this is a new experience, you may want to start out with a one hour session to get your “psychic” feet wet and see what you think of the process.

How many questions and areas of concern do you have? If you only have a few questions, one hour would probably suffice.  If you have a long list of questions and many topics to discuss, 1 ½ or 2 hours would ensure enough time to explore all of your questions.

Is money a factor?  Obviously, if you are limited financially, you may want to start with the minimum session of 1 hour. Or you may want to space two sessions a month apart to make it more affordable.

Many regular clients who schedule appointments two or three times a month will have a
1 hour session to keep up with business concerns or relationship issues or just to check in and make sure they’re staying on the path.

There are many times when a scheduled session time ends up not being enough time to answer all of your questions. If Kim’s schedule can permit it, she will allow the session to continue, but an additional cost will be incurred for any time over the agreed upon session length. If the time is not available, Kim would be happy to schedule another appointment for you at a later date.


Will you tell me if bad things are going to happen?

First of all, there are no “bad” things – there are only experiences and opportunities to learn and grow. Yes, sometimes, Kim is guided to share with a client an event that could be considered as something negative in nature.  Many times it is communicated as a warning, to bring into your awareness an understanding of where your thoughts are leading you. And yes, sometimes we are headed down the wrong path into a dark alley.  But if you could be told before entering that dark alley that you can avoid that path and instead choose a well-lit street, wouldn’t you consider that useful information?  The events and situations that are seen in your future can be changed – and that’s usually why you are being given the information


How should I prepare for a session?

Begin by considering what questions or concerns you would like to have addressed – and write them down! Many clients think of all the questions they should have asked . . . after the session.  Prepare by thinking of those questions before.  Start a list of questions well before your appointment day.  Try giving yourself a suggestion that you will be guided to ask the perfect questions that will provide you with the information that you need the most right now in your life.  And then wait – and listen.  The questions will pop into your mind and then you can write them down on your list.

On your appointment day, try and make sure that your schedule will allow you to be free of pressing business right before and after your appointment. It will help to have your mind open and clear if at all possible before the session and have some down-time  to digest what you have learned after the appointment.  You’ll have much to think about.  Also, make your appointment time as free of distractions as possible (cell phones ringing, family members disrupting you, loud noises, etc.).

Have an open mind to what you may hear with no expectations.  Allow spirit to decide what is important for you to know. Stay calm knowing that no one can tell you anything that can affect you without your permission.  There is absolutely no need to be nervous or afraid. The motive with these sessions is always to encourage and help you on your path, never to harm you or hinder your progress.

Have some Kleenex handy, just in case.


How do phone sessions work?

You will be instructed to call Kim at the designated appointment time and the session will proceed just as if you were in the room together.  The psychic energy that Kim employs knows no time – no distance.  It is not necessary to be in each others’ physical presence for the session to be successful.  Her ability to see and hear things for you have nothing to do with you being there in person.  In fact, many times Kim has found that the phone sessions have the affect of helping her tune in even more than when you are sitting in front of her and distracting her with your good looks!

Many of Kim’s clients are located out-of-state and have enjoyed reliably good sessions on the telephone.  There are even some locals who don’t feel like driving across town and opt to have the session over the phone.  The quality of the session is not affected whatsoever.


Are in-person sessions better?

Not better – but different. Plus you’ll get free Kleenex.  If it is at all possible for you to meet Kim and have a session in-person, you won’t be disappointed. She really does enjoy meeting her clients and likes to have a lot of fun with them.


Can you tell me about my spirit guides?

This is a tricky question.  Sometimes the guides and teachers will readily present themselves with full introductions including names.  Kim can even describe how they look.  Then, there are other times when all that she sees is a light, an energy, or even just a feeling about forces that are around you. No names, no descriptions – sorry!  It’s not something that is within her control. Sometimes it is just not the right time for you to know about your guides. Sometimes it is not appropriate for Kim to share the information with you.  It may be for you to discover your guides’ identity. There is always a reason why certain information is divulged while other details are omitted.

If the information about your guides and teachers is not available and you really want to know, you need to seek this information yourself – in your meditations, in the dream-state, in the shower.  Ask for them to reveal themselves and it will happen at the right time for your development.  They will appear to you, one way or another.  Expect it.


Can I talk with friends or relatives that have passed on?

Yes, you can but there are no guarantees that they will be available to communicate with you.  Depending on when – and how – they passed over to spirit, they may not be able to converse with us.  If your Aunt Helen passed 20 years ago, she may not even still be in spirit (reincarnated again) or she may be in another realm of existence and simply not able to respond to you.

There are many possible reasons why a dear one cannot take us up on our invitation to chat. All we can do is ask if they’re available and see who pops up.  Sometimes all we’ll get is an assurance from our guides that, yes, they’re here and they’re doing fine but unable to talk at this time. There are times when they don’t want to talk but they’re hanging around anyways to watch the excitement.

Even if communicating with them is not an option, Kim will always try and obtain as much information as possible about them to share with you. And hopefully, that will be enough for the time being . . .

For you lucky ones, your request will be honored and your dear ole Grandpa Joe will be waiting and excited as can be to talk.  And it will be wonderful.  And healing.  And so reassuring to know that they have survived “death”.  And they are so anxious for us to know that they are doing fine and are happy in their new homes.


Can you tell me about my past lives?

Yes, if it is relevant to your questions or the information that is being shared with you.  There is no hard and fast rule about sharing past lives. If the guides deem it necessary for your understanding to know about a particular past life, then Kim will be shown that lifetime. For example, if you’re wondering why you have such a strong interest in the Roman Empire, the guides may choose to explain with the revelation that you had three different lifetimes in Rome and that it was your favorite place to incarnate.

Now you may wish to understand why you and your mother have such a difficult relationship in this life.  The truth may lie in a past existence but it may be too much for you to handle knowing about this past life in which you were enemies and plotted to do each other in.  The guides and teachers do seem to know best in these circumstances and Kim trusts that only information that you can handle and benefit from will be offered.


Can you tell me the winning lottery numbers?

If she does, her husband will probably file for divorce.  Seriously now, it’s just not the kind of question that spirit likes to answer for us.  Although this may sound funny being in this materialistic world of ours, our main focus should not be on financial gain.  Our goal is to learn and grow and be of service to each other and then our money issues will take care of themselves.

Unfortunately, even if this was possible, it would be against Kim’s personal code of ethics. Once again, sorry!


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