House and Property Blessing/Energy Cleansing

This is a great way to start out in a new home or to clear the living and/or working space where you currently reside of negative influences and thought patterns. Many of your homes and offices have areas where there is a build-up of emotional and psychic energy which is often a result of depression, physical or emotional stress, abuse, anger, addiction or even death. This residual energy is created from the thoughts and feelings of those who live and/or work in your home and office. Many people unconsciously respond to this energy with feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, fear, or fatigue.

Past occupants sometimes leave behind more than you could ever imagine. They leave behind their “emotional baggage” as a subtle reminder that there is more to cleaning than washing the floors and dusting. You’ll be amazed how different the energy in your home or work feels after this special service. There is a noticeably fresher, more clear, and lighter energy in the space as higher energy frequencies are directed into the space to disperse any negativity than may be present.

Kim will travel to your home or business and invite beings from the higher realms of spirit (angels, guides and spirit protectors) to be present and assist in the energy cleansing process. All negative thought forms, entities, and energy is commanded to leave and cleared from all areas of the property. If desired, sage and cedar, sacred herbs are also utilized in a “smudge ceremony”, a native American tradition to clear negative energy. Spiritual protection is then put into place at all entrances and exits to keep your “sacred space” free of disturbing energy in the future. Finally, Kim asks for assistance from spirit to bless your property with pure, white light and loving energy.

This is a powerful energy treatment that really makes a positive difference in how you feel in your home and business, as well as how others act – without even knowing why!

By appointment only – at your home or business.


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