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KimPortrait1WebKimberly Dumaine, a highly gifted and respected intuitive, psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and metaphysical teacher, has been sharing her insights and messages from spirit with clients for over 30 years.  Kim offers a variety of private and group sessions, spiritual development classes/workshops, public speaking engagements and spiritual counseling to clients nationally and abroad. She is also well known for her unique abilities as a Trance Medium, allowing the spirit of Dr. James Martin Peebles (1822-1922), a holistic physician and 19th century leader in the Spiritualist movement, to speak directly through her in a deep trance state.

Kim is in private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, her home since 1965, where she lives with her husband and daughter.  She has devoted her life and her work to the study and practice of spiritual truths, training extensively in the areas of interpersonal communication, spirit communication, mediumship (both conscious and trance), hypnotherapy, energy healing, Reiki, spiritual counseling, animal communication, and metaphysical philosophy.

With her advanced abilities as a medium and a clairvoyant, she has helped many reach a higher level of understanding and awareness of the multi-dimensional world that we all share. She believes and clearly demonstrates that spirit communication is not only possible but ultimately necessary in our quest for expanded consciousness and the evolvement of the human race. It is her goal to help people understand that everyone and everything is interconnected, constantly influencing each other’s energy system and to teach us how we can consciously affect each other in a positive way.

Born in upstate New York, Kim was aware at an early age that she was different.  Visions, spirit communications, out-of-body and astral-travel were part of her early experience. She often displayed a wisdom that was beyond her years, sensing energy, possessing an unexplained knowledge of events and people, and seeing and hearing spirits around her.

At 17, Kim attended Arizona State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication. During this time, a growing desire to learn more of her abilities led her to the teachings of psychology, philosophy, world religions, metaphysics, and spiritualism.  As her understanding grew, so did her abilities. She discovered that she could sense and communicate not only with disincarnate spirits but also with other life forms. The animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the diva spirits, off-planet energies – even the cells of the human body- all proved to have varying degrees of consciousness and the ability to communicate thoughts, feelings, energy and information to an open receiver such as herself.

After college, Kim was guided to many teachers of metaphysical understanding to aid her on her path.  She studied with two excellent trance mediums:  Bob Copeland, who channeled  “Ashlam”,  a wise  master who spoke through him and Rev. William Rainen, a well-known trance medium and spiritual teacher who worked with “Dr.James Peebles”, a witty and wonderful spirit who shared a great deal of knowledge over many years with Kim.  Through her experiences with these teachers and many others, Kim grew rapidly in her awareness of energy, past lives, the spirit world, and ultimately the path she was to take herself in this life as a channel and teacher.

Kim knew that her mission in this lifetime was to share her perceptions and to assist others on their spiritual journeys with her unique abilities. Over the years, she has had the opportunity to help a great number of people from many walks of life. It has shown her many truths.  She saw the great need people have for guidance, for recognition and validation, and to know that they are not alone in their quest for peace, happiness and a sense of purpose in their lives. People wanted and needed, sometimes desperately, to believe that they had the power to change things that weren’t working and to create new and more satisfying outcomes.  They needed to know that they didn’t have to stay “stuck” with frustrating situations, that they did indeed have many other choices and options in life.

Her goal with each and every person she spoke with became clear:  to give hope and inspiration, to comfort those in sorrow, to help identify patterns of behavior or blocks that stopped or slowed their spiritual progress, to show them the many options that were theirs to choose, and to ultimately get them back on the proper path if they had strayed.  Kim knew that one of the most important parts of her work would be to help others to rediscover, understand and better utilize their personal power.

In her desire to help her clients achieve this, Kim realized that psychically identifying specific challenges was only one piece of the puzzle. Although very helpful in bringing troubling issues to light, people needed to know what to do next to bring about real change.  Kim decided it was necessary to offer different tools to her clients, beyond what her skills as a clairvoyant could offer.  She wanted to be able to employ powerful, transformational methods that would help create a shift, moving clients through their blocks (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) and into a deeper understanding of their own creative energy.

As a result, Kim became trained in many complementary fields to further assist her clients. She added to her set of skills: Trance Medium,  Reiki Master, Therapeutic Touch, Auric Field Cleansing/energy healing, Hypnotherapy, Meditation Instruction, the use of visualization and imagery, and the power of affirmations. All have proven to be valuable tools in creating lasting change for many clients.

Today, Kim provides a variety of intuitive services and consultations, both in-person, by phone and on-line, to meet the diverse needs of her clients, locally and nationwide. She also offers metaphysical lectures, classes, trance demonstrations and workshops to teach people how to connect with their spiritual powers.  Please check the calendar of events for a schedule of upcoming events.


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