Channeling Dr. Peebles

The following is a personal perspective on channeling Dr. Peebles describing the cooperative venture between Kim & Dr. Peebles

As a full trance medium, I joyfully bring through the spirit of Dr. Peebles in private and group sessions. By temporarily putting aside my own personal consciousness in an altered state of trance, I allow Dr. Peebles to speak directly through me as he “borrows” my vocal cords to share his messages of love and wisdom. It is a fascinating sharing of energies as we both actively contribute to the experience – with me providing the physical body for Dr. Peebles to work with and Dr. Peebles offering his expanded perspective from the higher dimensions of spirit to communicate with us.

It has been an extremely interesting journey for me working with Dr. Peebles in this rather unusual manner. I am quite honored to be able to play this role to help spirit communicate and give people the chance to grow in their spiritual awareness while we are still focused in the physical world.  It has taught me so much about life, love and the limitless opportunities there are for us to explore and manifest.

I am not the only Dr. Peebles channel – there are others like me that he speaks through.  As destiny would have it, I was fortunate to have crossed paths with an extraordinary trance medium, Rev. William Rainen, in the mid 1980’s. William, who had been actively channeling Dr. Peebles for many years, was introduced to me by a mutual friend.  Attending my first group session was the start of a long-term friendship with both William and Dr. Peebles.  I participated in and hosted countless sessions and groups. Thanks to his willingness to share himself in this way, he allowed me, as well as many others, the opportunity to learn an incredible amount of information from Dr. Peebles that rapidly expanded my spiritual growth and understanding.

Integrating the knowledge, I opened more fully to my own intuitive gifts, offering them to others in private practice as a clairvoyant, medium and spiritual teacher. I had always held dear the memories and guidance Dr. Peebles had given me as the years went by.  Life took me in many directions with marriage, starting a family and my work. Despite it all, I began to open to spirit in a different way – a much more profound way.

It all started one night when I had a very vivid and intense dream – you know the type – where you sense it’s really happening – not a dream at all.  In the “dream”, I was in a room talking with William Rainen and Dr. Peebles and next thing I knew Dr. Peebles merged with me.  I opened my mouth and Dr. Peebles was the one talking. I woke up extremely excited and knew that this was something important; a new phase in my life was beginning.

From that point on, my sessions with clients started to shift. I started getting comments that my voice was changing while talking.  I started hearing Dr. Peebles voice and guidance more and more. It was becoming more and more clear that I was integrating with Dr. Peebles’ energy. It was exhilarating and a little frightening at the same time.  I went through a period of approximately six months before I finally consciously and intentionally opened up and allowed him to speak through me directly.  It was like a volcanic blast as his energy exploded through me.  I had to work through many fears, doubts and physical changes for a good deal of time before I could perfect my skill of channeling in this most direct fashion.

It required a good deal of practice and faith to get to the point that I am now with my abilities to allow this grand spirit to speak through me.  But what a joy – what an incredible experience – not only for myself but for all who have the opportunity to hear his words, feel his energy, bask in his love.  I have a great appreciation for Dr. Peebles and his fellow spirit friends.  It has changed my life in countless ways and I look forward to many more years of sharing in this manner.


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