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  • Your Creative Power - Every moment of every day we are sending out energy, beautiful streams of pure consciousness that radiates out from the spirit within us. Through our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, we project this energy into the physical world where it takes form as our reality. We are incredibly powerful creators.  Everything…

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  • A Delightful Opportunity - What would your life be like if everything that happens to you – good or bad – could be seen as simply a delightful opportunity to grow? How would that change your life? Choose to experiment a little and try something new. By shifting your perspective you may find yourself dealing…

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  • Stress Buster - Stress is a major issue for many of us in our daily lives but it isn’t something you have to live with.  Here is a simple and quick way to reduce the damaging effects of everyday stress.  Make a commitment to your mental and emotional well-being by taking just a…

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  • Your Higher Calling - Since I was a young girl I knew I wanted to help others.  Coming from a dysfunctional family made me think deeply about the problems people face and how I could potentially help them.  I knew I had what some would call “gifts” but had no idea in my youth…

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