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You have incarnated on Earth seeking growth, healing and higher awareness. You can choose to learn and grow in many different ways. By choosing a spiritual path, you can align more easily with the energies of the soul allowing more understanding, more joy and less stress and pain. But keeping yourself on a spiritual path can be very challenging in this fast-paced and demanding world that we live in. We could use all the help and inspiration we can get to keep our spirits bright, our hearts open and minds clear.  Allow the wisdom of Spirit Teacher, Dr Peebles (through trance medium, Kim Dumaine) to help keep you on a more balanced, spiritual track with his insightful messages about life on planet Earth.

Start every week with an encouraging and informative audio message from Dr. Peebles (usually 15-20 minutes long) to raise your awareness of a higher path that you can choose in your thinking, beliefs and actions.  Expand your consciousness as Dr. Peebles shares a deeper understanding of being a spirit in human form and how to more easily navigate through the physical world. Enjoy a variety of interesting topics from spiritual tips and tools to timely world events.  Learn from spirit’s perspective how to perceive, balance and integrate spiritual truths into your everyday life.  Reach out and let spirit gently guide and teach you how to firmly plant your feet on your spiritual path.

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Excerpt from a session on “Expanding Awareness”



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