Philosophy of Living

Dr. Peebles’ Philosophy for Living – Living in Right Action

Dr. Peebles has a unique and wonderful way of looking at life.  His philosophy for living leads us down a path of joy, beauty, acceptance, love and allowance for ourselves and others.  The following is just a sample of his thoughts and suggestions to lead a happy and balanced life.

“Life is a joy – embrace it”

View life as a wonderful opportunity to discover joy, the greatness of your being and the power within you. Celebrate it!  Embrace it fully and you will find joy in all that you do.

“Open yourself to the Infinite Possibilities”

At any given moment, they are countless possibilities for you to explore and to manifest in your life.  You are not limited in your choices – only in your beliefs of what you think is possible.  Free your mind now and open yourself to the many probabilities that are available for you to create love, abundance and success.

“The illusions of separation”

We have falsely believed that we are distinctly separate from others, an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality. It is an illusion. We are all connected by a wondrous thread of love and light, integral parts of universal mind, God/Source.  We are one.

“You are never the Victim”

Although it is much easier to place blame for your misery and misfortunes outside of yourself, strive to accept full responsibility for everything in your life. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you are still creating every experience, every aspect of your reality. There are no victims – just experiences and growth as you attract what you need to see your reflection in the circumstances of your life.  Become more aware of how and what you are attracting to you.  Accept your role as the painter in the canvas of your life.  Choose wisely what you will create with full awareness of your power.

“You are Masters!”

You are not the lowly beings that you have been taught to believe.  You are powerful, spiritual masters of light and energy.  You may have forgotten your true heritage.  It is time to awaken and create heaven on Earth, relinquishing all thoughts and beliefs of lack of any kind.

“The Loving Law of Allowance

One of my personal favorites that often makes me reflect on life and challenges me to live in this loving manner. Simply put – allow everyone and everything the right to be, the right to live and grow in their own way, in their own time and place, starting with you. Try to see everything as just an experience and a wonderful opportunity to grow.  Imagine how our lives – the world – would change if everyone could practice this one idea. Peace on Earth is within our reach!

“Increased communication with all of life“

Our universe is filled with many diverse forms of life, many kingdoms for us to explore – human, alien, animal, plant, mineral, spirit, the diva kingdom to name just a few. Understand that we are not limited in our abilities to communicate with any form of life. We can choose to open our minds and spirits and learn new ways to commune with life around us, to respect all of life and experience the magic that these connections can provide.  Look at the world around you with different eyes and embrace life in all its wonders. Remember – we are all connected and in this together.

“The Upliftment of Consciousness”

We are currently living in a time of great change as new vibrational frequencies invite us to lift our consciousness to a higher level.  The Earth plane and all life upon it are shifting dimensions, from the third dimension to higher frequencies of light and spirit. The choice is ours whether we will participate in this momentous time of the upliftment of our spiritual consciousness.

“Love yourself so fully that there is no room for doubt or fear”

Open to the well of love within you.  Learn to accept and love all aspects of yourself and you will find little space left for the lower vibrational energies of doubt, fear, sadness, anger and other destructive emotions that rob us of our joy. Use the immense power of love and eradicate feelings of powerlessness now. The Beatles were right – all you need is love.


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