Spirit Communication

Communicating with spirits, or the ability to talk to and receive messages from non-physical or dis-incarnate beings, is no longer considered an uncommon or strange practice. Although far from being totally understood, for many it has become part of the mainstream with large percentages of people believing in life after death and in the ability to commune with angels, spirit beings and loved ones after they have passed out of this world.

This form of communication is nothing new with history depicting many instances of spiritual contact from beyond the earth plane. In ancient times, “magic” and working with spirits was understood and sometimes feared.  Beginning in the second half of the 19th century we saw a resurgence of people exploring Spiritualism, the belief that spirits exist and can communicate with us. The last 40 years or so have brought a tremendous amount of information to the forefront with a strong public interest combined with more of an accepting attitude toward spirit communication.

Talking to those who have passed from the Earth plane or the many unseen beings of higher dimensions (angels, guides, teachers, master teachers) is often referred to as Channeling.  It can take many forms but those adept with these skills are often referred to as Channels or Mediums, highly sensitive individuals who are able to sense, hear and allow spirit beings to work with them, communicating information, guidance and inspirational messages to others. Most mediums are Conscious Mediums, who maintain a full awareness when they commune with the spirit world, relaying messages to others that they sense and hear telepathically.  Trance Mediums, a more uncommon type of channeling, work in an altered “Trance” state of consciousness where a spirit is allowed to speak directly through them with various degrees of control over their physical body. This is not Possession, where a spirit has complete control over the body. There are often very obvious changes in the channels’ communication patterns including physical voice changes, marked personality differences, and vocabulary and diction variances. Often the channel’s memory is affected with very little or no recall of the spirit’s message.

Spirits can communicate with us in many different ways besides mediumship.  We are all channels of spirit whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  Wouldn’t you  prefer to be aware of how spirit wishes to guide you? The choice is always yours to decide to be more open to the call of spirit as higher dimensions reach out to you, always wanting to be of assistance while you are having a life in the physical world.


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