Stress Buster

Stress is a major issue for many of us in our daily lives but it isn’t something you have to live with.  Here is a simple and quick way to reduce the damaging effects of everyday stress.  Make a commitment to your mental and emotional well-being by taking just a few moments out of your day to become more aware of any stress you are holding on to.  Know that you are in control – no matter what the situation – and that you have the power to choose peace over stress.

At least once an hour, shift your attention away from the mind and all that mental chatter and B – R – E – A – T – H – E  . . . slowly and deeply for at least five counts.  By this simple act of breathing with your full attention you are opening the door to more stress-free living.   Lovingly direct your mind and body to relax with every breath.  Visualize waves of peaceful energy flowing into your body as you inhale and release all stress as you exhale.  Allow your spirit to reconnect with all parts of your being and feel that energy coursing through you.

Now tune into your physical body and notice any spots where there is tightness or tension.  Like many people, you may carry your stress energy in your head, neck and shoulders.  Check there for muscle tension and begin to consciously relax those muscles.  Let all tension drain away.  Use your breath to direct peaceful energy down your spine relaxing any stiff back muscles. The heart and stomach area is also a frequent area of concern for stress.  Focus on your heart and breathe deeply and let the sweet energy of love fill your heart.  If you are plagued with digestion problems, once again use your breath to bring more calming energy to your stomach and digestive organs.

End this short but effective stress-break by taking a final deep breath in and imagining your entire body bathed in a beautiful healing light. Feel free to repeat this process again if needed,  as many times as necessary throughout your day.

As a very real force in the world, stress is probably not going away anytime soon so it would be highly beneficial for you to challenge it’s power over you. It’s like an uninvited guest that has taken up residence within us.  If left unchecked, it can have an extremely detrimental effect on your body, mind and spirit. Luckily, you can decide how you want to feel and not allow the stress in your life to become a habit or pattern.  With simple exercises such as this, you can learn to consciously become aware of the stress you are entertaining and easily release it.

It’s easy. If you can count to five, you can release stress:

  1. Breathe in slowly and deeply, instructing your mind to clear and your body to relax
  2. Visualize waves of peaceful energy flowing into you
  3. Notice any areas that are particularly tight or tense in your body.
  4. Feel the tightness in those areas and make the conscious decision to let go. Inhale while inviting more calming, relaxing energy into your body. Fully release the tension as you exhale.
  5. Bathe your entire body in a beautiful healing light.

Try it now – you have nothing to lose but your stress.


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