Your Creative Power

Every moment of every day we are sending out energy, beautiful streams of pure consciousness that radiates out from the spirit within us. Through our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, we project this energy into the physical world where it takes form as our reality.

We are incredibly powerful creators.  Everything that we see and experience in life we have created, both individually and collectively. Unfortunately, many of us are not consciously aware of this universal principal.  We haven’t been taught that we have this incredible power to create and how to use our abilities as master creators.  We get caught in the illusions of the Earth plane, the fears and negative vibrations that are present to challenge and teach us.  We are led to falsely believe that we are victims, helpless and limited.

As we awaken to our true power as spiritual beings, we discover the opportunity we have to fully engage the creative force within and step out of any self-destructive or limited thinking. The illusions shatter as we realize that we are totally responsible for all that happens in our lives, all the experiences. We can now “clean house” and clear our consciousness of any energies that are not serving us, not bringing us joy and fulfillment.

Opening fully to your creative power and finding energetic balance begins with a willingness to accept full responsibility for all that you have created – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Are you ready? Can you reject the belief that you are a victim on any level?

If your answer is yes, your power to create and change your world awaits you. You always have the chance to grow in your ability to believe in yourself and all the infinite possibilities that exist for you to explore. You can ultimately manifest whatever you want.

But first you will need to explore and bring to the surface any unconscious energy that is blocking your power to attract what you need and desire.  Any thoughts or beliefs that are based in fear or lack create similar experiences in your reality. Luckily, you can change your reality by having a better understanding of your inner consciousness, facing yourself and knowing what makes you tick.

Start by clearly asking your inner self to identify and reveal to you the lower vibrational energies within you that are holding you back. With your desire and intention to open to the contents of your inner consciousness, you will begin to receive messages, insights and signs of where your energy is not in harmony.  Without judgment, allow these thoughts, feelings, memories, attitudes, etc. to flow painlessly to the surface as a powerful step in gaining conscious control of your life.

Affirm and know that you are safe when you begin this process of understanding yourself.  Become the gentle observer of your own life looking at everything you have created with loving detachment. Remember it is only an experience you are having.  It is not who you are. When you discover an attitude or belief that is not working toward your highest good, know that you can release it easily.

Try this simple releasing technique to help you let go of lower energies from your consciousness:

Take a deep breath and say:

“I now release (insert belief, experience, fear, etc.) from all of my bodies, from all times and all places NOW”

Exhale and imagine the energy leaving your body.  Repeat the affirmation until you feel an inner “click”, a “knowing” that the process is complete.  You’ll often know it by a sense of calm, a peaceful feeling that will result from this inner work.  Sometimes you’ll have a physical reaction to the release (i.e. yawning, burping, crying, laughing, etc) that will signal that you’ve successfully let go.  Feel free to use this technique for a variety of issues.  Use it as often as needed as a simple, quick and effective way to direct energy out of your field of consciousness and to accelerate your spiritual growth.

I’ve used this technique for my own growth for many years with great success. Use it for long-standing issues/beliefs that you’re ready to let go of or with a bad mood that you’re feeling in the moment.  Explore and feel free to modify the wording in any way that feels right to you.

Now you can freely add a new belief to your consciousness to truly change your reality. You are always the one in charge. Become aware of your power to create anything you wish. Enjoy the process as you awaken more fully to the endless possibilities!



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