A Delightful Opportunity

What would your life be like if everything that happens to you – good or bad – could be seen as simply a delightful opportunity to grow? How would that change your life?

Choose to experiment a little and try something new. By shifting your perspective you may find yourself dealing with challenges more quickly without needless drama and emotional drain when they’re seen just as learning experiences. With this more positive attitude toward your life your energy levels would soar, giving you more energy to direct in more constructive ways.  It would be much easier to find that elusive sense of joy when you hold a perspective that everything was ultimately for your higher good.

As spiritual beings our growth can come to us in different ways and take many forms.  Are you allowing your growth or are you limiting it?  Often with our conditioned ways of thinking and believing, we have been taught and have accepted the illusion that growth can only come in certain ways, thereby limiting how our soul can advance while in the physical body. Spirit encourages us to question what we have been taught and to see our self-created reality with new eyes.

Begin to look at all aspects of your life – yes, even the challenging parts – as a delightful opportunity to grow. After all, you have at some level, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, drawn to you the exact experiences you are now faced with.  If you can adopt a new mind-set that everything is for your ultimate good you can shift your perspective dramatically. You can then allow a mental, emotional and spiritual transformation to occur within your consciousness that allows everything to be part of your soul’s plan for evolving.

Does growth have to be painful?  No, of course not. It is your choice. You can choose to see all that happens to you as a gift, a positive experience that was carefully designed by you, for you. Staying in the old ways of judging, fearing or repressing the events in your life only keeps you stuck longer.  Become the observer in your life, seeing through the eyes of your spirit (higher self) and not through the ego which tends to judge and fight the lessons you’ve created to grow from.  Move beyond appearances and see the lessons that your soul is presenting to you and let yourself easily and quickly move through them.

So no matter where you find yourself right now on your journey, open up and allow the growth, the joy and the beauty to reveal itself to you.  Ask for your spirit to show you how to transform anything that is happening in your life into a positive expression of growth and self-realization. Don’t let yourself dwell on anything you don’t want or like for you will continue to strengthen its power over you. I think Dr. Peebles (Spirit Teacher) is onto something when he always says to us “Life is a joy – embrace it”! The more you can focus on joy, the more you will draw that energy to you.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for an excuse to focus your thoughts on joy and the many possible delightful opportunities that await you. Detach from your own habitual reactions to life and allow a more optimistic way of perceiving things. Set a new course using your spiritual tools to begin to see all of your life, all of your experiences as a custom-made experience to delight you and to help you grow. You are always the creator, never the victim.



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