Your Higher Calling

Since I was a young girl I knew I wanted to help others.  Coming from a dysfunctional family made me think deeply about the problems people face and how I could potentially help them.  I knew I had what some would call “gifts” but had no idea in my youth how I could possibly use them to help others.  I had no idea that I could become what I am today and serve others with my abilities as a medium and clairvoyant. I struggled for many years before I came to the powerful realization that my spirit was calling me to serve and that my service to others served me in return with growth beyond what I could have imagined.

Although it has not always been an easy path, I know that it is my way of making a difference, contributing to the world around me.  I can honestly say that I find my work very meaningful and fulfilling especially when I see how my efforts can help shift someone into a more joyful and productive place in their lives.

But this isn’t just about me. You too can find your calling in life, a path that excites you, fills you up with an energy that begs to be shared.  Your special “gifts” are there within you, waiting to be acknowledged and explored more thoroughly.  I believe it is part of our personal responsibility in this life to open fully to a higher purpose where you will not only grow, but you will help others grow as well.

Don’t always accept others’ ideas of what you “should” do, for despite good intentions, they may not know what you are meant to do with your life. That’s your job.  Be open to considering others’ opinions but know that your spirit will guide you to your truth.

There weren’t many people in my life that encouraged me to be a professional psychic medium but I didn’t let that stop me.  I’m now glad I didn’t listen!

Open to the vast knowledge and power within you.  Ask questions.  Seek answers from many sources to help you find your unique talents and strengths.  Once you open to the inner beauty and power of your soul, you’ll begin to realize your strengths  and let them shine for the world to see.  Don’t keep your greatness a secret.  You are meant to share your gifts with others.

Last but not least, don’t assume your path is unimportant. All paths can lead to growth.  Your gifts are many and diverse.  It can be simple or complicated.  Your path is uniquely yours. You have something no one else can offer in the same way.  Your ability to create happiness and abundance is closely connected to your ability to serve others.

Remember a basic but important universal law: what you give, returns to you.  Your life, and what you choose to do with it, has meaning. You can choose to make a difference in the world by fully believing in yourself. Know that you have gifts and talents of great value to offer. Be willing to give of yourself.  The love, the joy and the help you give others will be yours.



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