Dr. Peebles’ Thoughts on Evil

Excerpt from Email Group February 18, 2021o

Kim: “The next question is from Teri S: “Dear Dr. P, Is evil real?

Dr. Peebles: “God bless you. Dr. Peebles here. My dear, what an excellent question. Goodness gracious. Is evil real is quite a loaded question indeed. Now we would ask of you first, my dear, to define what is real? What is evil? From your perspective, living in the physical plane of existence, having yes, your human experience, much of what you are experiencing, what you are seeing and feeling around you certainly would appear real from your senses. But the truth is my dear, it is not real. It is a reflection of what you are experiencing within you and it is taking form in the outer world. So it is part of the illusion that you have created to learn and grow from.

Now when you are looking at a concept such as evil, we would say to you, from your perspective, living  as a human being at this time, it is real to you. It is real to many. But from our perspective and being part of the spiritual dimension, my dear, we do not see evil as real. We see it as an experience. We see it as part of the ego, part of the mind, part of an experience indeed but it is not real for we see it simply as the lack of light. Now of course man is born of the light. Man is God incarnate, yes indeed. Evil is more of a manufactured reality of thoughtform that is taking expression, taking form in the physical world. It is an action, it is a choice, it is a thought manifested. But it is not truly real for in the spiritual realms there are bad choices. There are bad attitudes. There are people who make mistakes who take actions that can be perceived as evil, that can be perceived as real but it is truly not. For when they return to the spirit realms, often it is clearly understood what they did and how they were misguided in their actions, their beliefs, their choices and they did indeed participate in their human experience.

So to answer such a question you would need to search within yourself as to how you would define and perceive this concept of evil. Evil is born more of mankind. It is not truly a spiritual characteristic at all of a spiritual being. It is more of a choice where they have lost their way, where they have indeed not allowed the light to be part of the experience and they have chosen a darker path. Does it make them evil? We would say not for their spirit is still intact and there is still of course always hope that is eternal. So we are not quite seeing evil as real. It is more of men’s actions and thoughts that you may perceive as being evil, my dear. 

What is real my dear? What is your reality? Now if you ask ten people of course you would get ten different explanations, ten different understandings of what is reality. For some, evil is all around you and that’s all they see, all they feel, all they experience. For others, the experiences of pure joy, peace, spirit, Godliness, hope eternal. So it is all a matter of your perspective, your personal frequency and vibration as well as what the soul has chosen to focus on in this particular human experience. 

Now if you were in the spirit realm with us right now, my dear, your interpretation of evil would be quite drastically different than how you might be looking at it on the planet Earth – witnessing, experiencing all the variety of the actions and behaviors that could quite easily be interpreted as evil. But we are not quite seeing it that way. They are simply the actions and the thoughts. It is not evil. It is simply a choice or the lack of light.

So you will look around you and say, “This action is evil, this person, their behavior is evil’, but it is not truly who they are at the deepest level, my dear. For at the deepest level, there’s God, there’s light, there’s love. There’s only misguided beings who have lost their way, who have chosen not to allow the illumination of light in their lives.They have chosen instead to learn from a darker path. They will come around once more. What may be considered evil may be the stepping stone of higher growth toward love. 

So there is purpose even in what you may consider evil for indeed the understanding, the perception of the reality of evil – even in your world – helps you understand the light, helps you understand love and kindness, graciousness even more. So as you experience and witness evil in your reality, can you say a little prayer and say thank you –  thank you for showing me that I must focus on love so that that will become the predominant energy on this spiritual plane of existence. The more that you focus on all that you would deem as evil, the more power you will give to that thought form – and that is truly all it is. It is a thought form manifesting in a physical plane of the planet Earth at this time. Yes, the energy exists elsewhere but again in the minds of the beings, not in their true form. For truly it has no power ultimately unless you give it power by your attention, by your belief and by your alignment with it. It is born of the ego, my dear.

As you seek more, as many others seek more understanding from their spirit, from God, then you will move away from even wanting to think about what is evil for you are too busy living in the light, living in the energy, the attitude of love, allowing God and spirit to be your guiding force in all that you do.for that is the true reality indeed. We do hope that helps, my dear. Quite the loaded question. We could do a whole session on that. Thank you for your question. God bless you.”

Channeled by Trance Medium Kim Dumaine


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