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Oct 27,2017 -     Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

 Special Message Trance Group

In-Person Group

Trick or Treat
Your Deepest Fears, Your Greatest Gifts
with the wise Spirit Teacher
Dr. James Peebles
(through Trance Medium, Kim Dumaine)
The Power of Fear
Facing Fear in all its Forms
Releasing Fear, Gaining Strength
Receive a personal message from  Dr. Peebles
In-Person Group:  Oct. 27, 2017
What do you fear? How does it manifest in your life? Fear plays a strong role in most of our lives - now more than ever as we witness the many disturbing threats and upheavals on our planet. How does it affect us?  How can we keep it from controlling us? Learn how fear deceives and  "tricks" us, not allowing us to know and understand our spiritual power, our greatest gift ("treat") to manifest our highest purpose. With our willingness to grow, we can move beyond the illusion of fear and find the freedom to explore our greatness as masters of energy. Explore with Kim and Dr. Peebles as you face your personal fears, identify its many faces, understand its purpose and ultimately see the gift that it holds for you as you learn how to release its hold on your consciousness.
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North Scottsdale
11093 E. Raintree Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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