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Sep 23,2020 -     Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Your Guide to Interdimensional Communication
with Special Guest, the wise Spirit Teacher
Dr. James Peebles
(through Trance Medium, Kim Dumaine)
Make Contact with Spirit
Develop Powerful Skills to Communicate
Discover Your Innate Abilities to Channel
4 Week "Zoom" Course
9-23,  9-30,  10-7,  10-14
1:00 - 3:00 PM (MST)
(Preregistration Required)
As part of the Spiritual Awakening occurring on Earth, an exciting opportunity is available to those who desire more awareness. You can consciously choose to expand and grow with the innate power within, to connect and communicate with Spirit in a more direct and personal manner. Unfortunately, many do not think it's possible, believing that only "special" people can communicate with higher energies and beings. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a practicing Medium, I'm no more "special" than you - just more practiced! You too can learn to open to Spirit Communication, connecting with your higher self, guides, teachers and all life forms. If you are ready and willing, I offer you the depth of my thirty-seven years of experience to explore this exciting part of your consciousness and see how it can transform your life.
In this four-week intensive, you will learn how to develop this natural ability to communicate with higher dimensions and, if desired, be a channel for spirit to share their wisdom. Learn the many facets of Spirit Communication in a safe, supportive environment combined with frequent opportunities to learn even more from Spirit Teacher, Dr. Peebles.  Topics include:
  • A brief overview of what Spirit Communication entails and the many different methods available for your exploration
  • How to know if you are ready to connect with spirit and expand your abilities
  • Making contact with your guides, teachers and higher self in a meaningful and powerful way
  • Moving through blocks in your growth to ease your path and make it fun
  • How to open yourself to direct communication with your higher self, guides and other life forms
  • Group practice as well as instruction to practice new skills independently
  • Giving insightful readings for yourself and  others


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